Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sea battle: Big ships vs. big money | Washington Examiner

Sea battle: Big ships vs. big money | Washington Examiner: Naval experts are defending the aircraft carrier as a critical piece of America's national security strategy, amid criticism that the nation's largest warships could be replaced by smaller, cheaper vessels.

Today's threats actually increase the need for the aircraft carriers' unique benefits, which can not be achieved by smaller ships, analysts at the Hudson Institute argued in a report that will be formally unveiled Thursday at an event on Capitol Hill.

"While there are some capabilities that offer portions of the capabilities that the carrier provides, no approach provides them all," the report says.

But some key lawmakers and defense analysts argue that it may be time for the military to consider smaller, less expensive ships to launch jets, especially as the acquisition of the first Gerald R. Ford-class carriers is delayed and runs significantly over budget.