Thursday, October 15, 2015

BAE Debuts ‘See Through’ Armored Vehicle System in US

BAE Debuts ‘See Through’ Armored Vehicle System in US: BAE Systems has brought a capability to the US for the first time that allows soldiers wearing a helmet-mounted monocle to “see through” their armored vehicle.

The company used its advanced jet fighter technology from the Eurofighter Typhoon helmet to develop the BattleView 360 system that consists of a monocle and touch-screen display. The monocle has the ability to see a video feed — both visual and infrared — from the vehicle’s cameras and relevant symbology.

Commanders can quickly assess information and make decisions for targeting or other purposes through the touch-screen display. The commander also can view the display of other crew members, such as the gunner.

The digital mapping system “collates, displays, and tracks the positions of all surrounding features of interest in two- or three-dimensional modes,” according to the company.