Monday, October 5, 2015

Obama rejects candidates' ideas for solving crisis in Syria

Obama rejects candidates' ideas for solving crisis in Syria: President Obama is accusing White House hopefuls of concocting "half-baked" ideas for solving the crisis in Syria, appearing to even dismiss his former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's call for a no-fly zone before later clarifying his view of the Democratic front-runner.

The idea of a no-fly zone — a region of Syria that the United States would protect from bombing to create a safe corridor for refugees — has emerged as a favorite option for Democratic and Republican candidates. It's a plan that allows them to stake out a more aggressive military posture than Obama, while stopping short of the kind of large-scale combat troop deployments the U.S. engaged in for years in Iraq and Afghanistan — and of which voters have wearied.

Obama, who opposes such a move, said Friday that he'd like critics of his Syria policies to be asked, "Specifically, precisely, what exactly would you do?" He told a White House news conference, "Typically, what you get is a bunch of mumbo jumbo."