Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Russia Could Export 30 More Rocket Engines to US

Russia Could Export 30 More Rocket Engines to US: Russian rocket manufacturer Energia is currently in talks with US space launch provider United Launch Alliance (ULA) over a contract to deliver 30 additional RD-180 rocket engines, Energia head Vladimir Solntsev said Friday.

"We are currently discussing [with ULA] a contract to increase the engine shipment - i.e. at least 30 more engines," Solntsev said on Rossiya-24 TV channel.

According to the Energia head, the United States wants the engines as soon as possible to "be sure of the future of Atlas-5 rocket."

The RD-180 is the engine that powers the ULA Atlas V rocket.

"24 engines are to be delivered by 2018. [The previous contract] will definitely be fulfilled," he added. He also stated that Energia was determined to continue cooperation with its American partners in deep space exploration.