Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Raytheon Working on Tomahawk With Active Seeker

Raytheon Working on Tomahawk With Active Seeker: More than 2,000 Tomahawk cruise missiles have been fired at live targets since 1991. In every case, the missile has been aimed at a fixed, non-moving target.

That could change in a few years, Raytheon officials told reporters here at the annual Surface Navy Association symposium. The defense giant is working on a company-funded variant of the missile that would allow it to chase moving targets.

"Raytheon has invested heavily in a multi-mode seeker, passive and active," said Christian Sprinkle, the company's senior program manager for air warfare systems.

The infrared seeker would be added to existing Tomahawks during a mid-life recertification overhaul, Sprinkle said.

The missiles have a service life of 15 years, after which they undergo a recertification overhaul that adds another 15 years, for a total life span of 30 years unless it's used.