Friday, October 28, 2011

Pakistan allows insurgent fire on US troops: general

Pakistani forces are allowing insurgents to launch rocket and mortar attacks on US troops across the border in Afghanistan and may be collaborating with the militants, a US general said Thursday.

The rocket fire targeting American forces often originates within sight of border posts manned by Pakistan's Frontier Corps, said Lieutenant General Curtis Scaparrotti, deputy US commander in Afghanistan.

"In some locations from time to time you will see what just appears to us to be a collaboration... or at a minimum a looking the other way when insurgents conducted rocket or mortar fire in what we believe to be (within) visual sight of one of their (Pakistan military) posts," Scaparrotti told reporters via video link from Kabul.


NATO 3.0

At the Lisbon NATO Summit, the US-European alliance made an open ended commitment to Afghanistan. NATO 3.0 has the details.