Friday, October 7, 2011

FBI keeping eye on China, Russia, Iran cyberspying

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has made a campaign against cyberthreats one of its "highest priorities," with China, Russia and Iran in the crosshairs, the bureau's chief said Thursday.

FBI Director Robert Mueller told the House intelligence committee that cyber-espionage constituted "one of the most significant and complex threats facing the nation."

When asked to name the worst offenders around the globe that pose a threat to the United States, Mueller said: "You have countries such as Russia and China, others, Iran perhaps, who have capabilities that we're alert to."

Cyber Defense

The US military is preparing for 21st Century electronic warfare and cyber terrorism. A joint US Cyber Command and four service cyber commands have been set up.

Their mission is to defend American military networks and civilian American infrastructure from cyber terrorism and from foreign government hackers.

The officers leading these cyber commands explain how they are organized, how they operate, and how they will protect the United States from foreign military hackers, intelligence agencies, and cyber terrorists.