Tuesday, March 21, 2017

US Navy Tests UUV for Mine-hunting Operations - maritime global news

US Navy Tests UUV for Mine-hunting Operations - maritime global news: The General Dynamics Mission Systems Knifefish team completed acomprehensive evaluation of Knifefish, an autonomous surface minecountermeasure (SMCM) unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV). Incoordination with the U.S. Navy, the test events took place offthe coast of Boston using submerged Navy mine test targets. Theevaluation represents a significant milestone in the Knifefishprogram and demonstrates the UUV's capability to detect andclassify potential mines, at a variety of depths, each posing aunique threat to naval vessels operating in a mission area.

"The information and situational awareness Knifefish will deliverto sailors is a quantum leap in clarity and accuracy over othermine-hunting systems currently used by the Navy," said CarloZaffanella, vice president and general manager of Maritime andStrategic Systems for General Dynamics Mission Systems.

Simulating mine-hunting missions, the UUV located and classifiedmine test targets submerged at various depths and on theseafloor. Knifefish is also capable of locating and identifyingmines buried in the seafloor.