Wednesday, February 24, 2016

US Army begins industry survey for Future Vertical Lift

The US Army has provided the clearest details yet about what in needs in a Future Vertical Lift (FVL) platform after releasing two requests for information for next-generation rotorcraft technologies and concepts in the lightly armed reconnaissance and mid-size utility/attack roles.
Published on the US government's contracting website on 22 February, the army's industry surveys, for the first time since FVL was conceived seven years ago, seek information on future rotorcraft, based either on existing types or completely new designs, that could be introduced in the 2030s. The notice seeks information on every core technology from the airframe structure to engines, drive systems, rotors and flight control systems as well as avionics, sensors and armaments.
The emphasis is on improved speed, range, endurance and full performance "in high and hot environments” as well as lower operating and maintenance costs and a comparable or reduced logistical footprint compared to today's army aviation inventory. more