Friday, February 12, 2016

Back-to-back rotations to Europe could stress the Army's armored BCTs

The Army’s armored brigade combat teams could soon begin back-to-back rotations in Europe as the Pentagon looks to boost the region’s defense against Russia.
The military’s 2017 budget request, released Tuesday, calls for $3.4 billion for the European Reassurance Initiative. The request quadruples previous funding levels and signals a new recognition that the former Cold War foe is once again a major global rival.
If approved, the Army will begin what it calls “heel-to-toe” — or continuous — rotations of an armored BCT into Europe. The move would come just five years after budget cuts forced the Army to shut down the two heavy brigades stationed in Europe and bring home all its tanks and other heavy vehicles.
It also adds an additional overseas requirement for the Army’s already busy armored brigade combat teams.
The active Army only has nine ABCTs, and they already are tasked with nine-month rotations to Kuwait and South Korea. more