Tuesday, November 3, 2015

U.S. Marines react to switch from M16 to M4

U.S. Marines react to switch from M16 to M4: .S. Marines are largely supportive of their commandant's decision to drop the M16 rifle for the M4 carbine as the standard infantry weapon.

The U.S. Marine Corps will officially recognize the M4 carbine as the standard weapon for infantry personnel beginning in September 2016, following the approval by Commandant Gen. Robert Neller. The move has been welcomed with optimism from infantry. Sgt. Jonathan Ferriera, a mortarman with 1st Battalion 8th Marines who used the M4 during his deployment in Afghanistan says "it's about time."

"The M4 holds every quality that the M16 does: everything an M16 can do, the M4 does better," Ferriera told the Military Times.

Ferriera went on to add that the only advantage he saw with the M16 is the rifle's superior firing range capability, with the M16 having an effective range of 600 yards compared to 545 yards for the M4. However, the superior mobility of the smaller-sized M4 makes up for the difference, Ferriera says.