Friday, November 13, 2015

F-35's Joint Strike Missile successfully completes flight test

F-35's Joint Strike Missile successfully completes flight test: The Kongsberg-made Joint Strike Missile successfully completed a missile flight test at a U.S. Air Force base in Utah.

The missile, developed specifically for Lockheed Martin's F-35 multi-role fighter jet, was launched at an altitude of 22,000 feet from an F-16 jet over the testing area and performed several challenging maneuvers.

Kongsberg, a defense contractor based in Norway, called the test a milestone achievement for the Joint Strike Missile program.

"This is a major accomplishment for the JSM program, and in addition several critical capabilities beyond the scope of the test were verified," Kongsberg Defense Systems President Harald Annestad said in a statement. "The test demonstrates that we are on track with the qualification of JSM, which brings critical capability to F-35 and the warfighter."