Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pentagon: More Firepower for Asia-Pacific Region - Blog

Pentagon: More Firepower for Asia-Pacific Region - Blog: A Defense Department Asia-Pacific maritime security roadmap released Aug. 21 calls for more personnel and weapon systems to be forward deployed in the region.

The “Asia-Pacific Maritime Security Strategy” said the Pentagon in the near future will be “bringing its finest capabilities, assets and people to the Asia-Pacific region.”

The region has for decades remained free from major conflicts, the congressionally mandated report noted. “However, the security environment is changing, potentially challenging the continued stability of the region.”

Included in its list of assets being sent to the region would be the first forward-stationed F-35B Marine Corps joint strike fighters, which will be based in Iwakuni, Japan. The new aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan will replace the USS George Washington this year. Japan will also host the newest air operations-oriented amphibious assault ship, the USS America, by 2020, two more Aegis-capable destroyers and the latest class of stealth destroyers, the DDG-100.

“The department will also procure 395 F-35 aircraft over the next several years, many of which will be deployed to the Asia-Pacific region,” the report said.

It will base an additional attack submarine and two additional Virginia-class submarines in Guam.