Tuesday, January 17, 2017

U.S. Marine Corps Retools Strategy As Tech Threats Mushroom

U.S. Marine Corps Retools Strategy As Tech Threats Mushroom: The U.S. Marine Corps is postured for the past rather than the future. That's the conclusion its top leaders came to after a year-long review of how the threats Marines face are changing and what the Corps must do to adapt.

It's not that the Marines are likely to suffer defeat at the hands of some foreign adversary anytime soon. But after 16 years of continuously fighting terrorists and insurgents while deferring modernization and experimentation with new warfighting concepts, they sense that their edge is slipping away.

The challenges seem to arise mainly from new technology. On the one hand, enemies are acquiring drones, jamming devices and antiship missiles that complicate the fight for U.S. forces. On the other hand, the Marines have had to slow their own assimilation of new warfighting tools in order to sustain a high state of readiness