Monday, August 29, 2016

New Pacific Marine Leader Vows to Keep up Work with Allies

Lt. Gen. David Berger made the comments Friday after assuming command of U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific from Lt. Gen. John Toolan. Berger said he will make sure his new command understands what capabilities its allies want and need and how the U.S. Marines can help them.' new commander for the Pacific said he aims to advance his predecessor's work helping allies and partners develop their skills storming beaches and moving forces ashore.
Toolan told reporters there's growing interest in amphibious capabilities in the Pacific because of China's land-reclamation efforts in the South China Sea, where several nations have contested territorial claims.
"The Vietnamese, the Filipinos, all those guys have a vested interest in the Spratlys, the Paracels. So they want to protect their sovereign territory," Toolan said. "And amphibious is the way to handle islands."
Marine Forces Pacific includes units in California, Hawaii, Japan and South Korea. Some are in Australia on a six-month rotation. more