Monday, May 16, 2016

US, Polish Leaders Break Ground for Missile Defense Site

Polish and U.S. officials symbolically broke ground Friday for a U.S.-led missile defense site in the country's north, a system that has drawn condemnation from Russia.
President Andrzej Duda declared it was an "important day" for Poland whose security was being enhanced, but also for showing NATO's unity.
Responding to Russia's nervousness over a NATO base so close to its border, Duda said the interceptor site in Redzikowo was not aimed against anyone but was solely to defend the "skies over Europe from any missile attack." It is scheduled to become operational in 2018.
Earlier Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin described the development of NATO's missile defense program as a threat to global security and vowed that Russia will take the necessary steps to maintain a strategic parity.
On Thursday, another missile defense interceptor site became operational in Romania, which, just like Poland, was under Moscow's domination during the Soviet era. more