Thursday, March 17, 2016

Corps' Warfighting Strategy Update to Focus on High-Tech Fights

The Marine Corps will roll out a brand-new version of its 21st century warfighting strategy in May, the commanding general of Marine Corps Combat Development Command said this week.
The Corps will debut a refreshed edition of Expeditionary Force 21 at the massive Sea Air Space symposium near Washington, D.C., Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh said, allowing troops to get a glimpse of what lies in store for Marine Corps operations. The symposium kicks off May 16.
First published in early 2014, the 47-page EF-21 document drew a roadmap for the Marine Corps into the 2020s, emphasizing smaller units operating independently and a return to sea-based operations. But Walsh told the document may have focused too much on the non-combat elements of the Corps' global role.
"I think the original writing, in a lot of ways we got a lot of comments back that it made it look like we were doing distributed operations to do theater security cooperation, to touch more countries, train with more people, more in that sense. That's exactly opposite of what we originally intended," Walsh said. " ... Some of it works in a non-hostile environment, to do [humanitarian assistance and disaster relief], that sort of thing. But I also think what we're seeing is, how we're going to operate on a future modern battlefield is to be able to disaggregate."
He likened the Marine Corps' new approach to an amphibious version of the Navy's "distributed lethality" concept, with deployed ships spread out across one or more areas of operations, instead of grouped closely together. The ships can then move back in close in the event of a large-scale fight. more