Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Russian aggression a top concern in U.S. European Command's new military strategy

The U.S. European Command issued an “updated theater strategy” document Tuesday, pointing to Russian aggression as a top concern and warning that the U.S. troop drawdowns of the past 25 years put the region’s stability at risk.
The 12-page document lays out EUCOM’s priorities for the next three to five years and lists a dizzying array of challenges that include refugee migration, financial crisis, cyber attacks and infectious diseases.
The most prominent challenge is Russia and its “disregard for the sovereignty of its neighbors in Europe” as well as its military aggression beyond the EUCOM region, including Syria.
“Russia is presenting enduring challenges to our allies and partners in multiple regions; therefore, it is a global challenge that requires a global response,” according to the report.
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