Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New U.S. Navy aircraft carrier delayed for more testing

New U.S. Navy aircraft carrier delayed for more testing: The U.S. Navy has delayed plans for delivery by up to eight weeks of its latest aircraft carrier, Gerald R. Ford, saying further testing is needed.

The carrier, developed by Newport News Shipbuilding, was initially scheduled for delivery and sea trials by March 31, 2016. A Navy official says a new specific date for release will follow more testing.

"The Navy has identified a slight deterioration in the required progress on the CVN 78 shipboard test program," read a U.S. Navy statement on the matter, "the exact impact on ship delivery will be determined based on the results of sea trials."

U.S. Navy spokesperson Cmdr. Thurraya Kent says that despite the setbacks, the additional costs for the testing is covered under their budget, capped by Congress at $12.88 billion.