Wednesday, September 24, 2014

As cyber force grows, manpower details emerge | Military Times |

As cyber force grows, manpower details emerge | Military Times | The military will need to expand its force of cyber warriors beyond plans for 6,200 personnel, and the individual services are hammering out the manpower-related details of precisely how to build that force from the ground up, according to a new Pentagon report.
The emerging requirements have the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps developing an array of new recruiting tactics, extended service commitments, training programs, retention bonuses and unique career tracks for the cyber career field, says the report, a copy of which was obtained by Military Times.
The document outlines the service-specific efforts to meet U.S. Cyber Command’s current requirement to stand up a “Cyber Mission Force” with 133 teams of cyberwarriors by the end of 2016. That’s just the beginning for a career field that is likely to see dramatic growth despite budget cuts affecting most of the military.
“It is DoD’s assessment that additional capability may be needed for both surge capacity for the [Cyber Mission Force] and to provide unique and specialized capabilities” that can contribute to a “whole-of-government” and “whole-of-nation” approach to securing U.S. cyberspace, the report says.