Monday, November 25, 2013

Battleship attactica: Soundwave-borne viruses 'can stop fleets'

Battleship attactica: Soundwave-borne viruses 'can stop fleets': The nightmare defeat of fleets disabled by computer viruses, a premise of the popular TV show Battlestar Galactica, is haunting some in the US Navy. Air gap jumping malware may undermine one of the pillars of America's military might.

The concern over potential vulnerability of US warship was voiced last week by retired Capt. Mark Hagerott at the Defense One conference. He cited reports of a new type of computer virus, which may be able to spread using ultrasonic waves emitted by built-in speakers.

If true, it would be the next practical step for malware as compared to jumping from computer to computer through portable USB drives, which was the vector of infection for Stuxnet, the virus that the US and Israel allegedly made to disable Iranian uranium enrichment centrifuges.