Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Warrior Web Closer to Making Its Performance-Improving Suit a Reality

Warrior Web Closer to Making Its Performance-Improving Suit a Reality: Of the many risks dismounted Soldiers face in the field, one of the most common is injury from carrying their gear-often topping 100 pounds-for extended periods over rough terrain. Heavy loads increase the likelihood of musculoskeletal injury and also exacerbate fatigue, which contributes to both acute and chronic injury and impedes Soldiers' physical and cognitive abilities to perform mission-oriented tasks.
To help address these challenges, DARPA seeks performers for the last phase of its Warrior Web program.
Warrior Web aims to develop a soft, lightweight undersuit that would help reduce injuries and fatigue and improve Soldiers' ability to efficiently perform their missions. The garment would protect injury-prone areas and promote efficient and safe movement over a wide range of activities (walking, running, jumping, crawling, etc.).
Comfortable, durable and washable, the garment would not interfere with body armor or other standard clothing and gear. DARPA seeks to create a working prototype that significantly boosts endurance, carrying capacity and overall Soldier effectiveness-all while using no more than 100 watts of power.