Tuesday, June 18, 2013

U.S. mulls countermeasures against threat of enemy UAVs

U.S. mulls countermeasures against threat of enemy UAVs: Senior U.S. military officials are looking into ways to counter the potential risk of enemy forces, including terrorists, acquiring unmanned aircraft to attack U.S. targets.
Discussion of the growing risk has dominated some security forums for more than a year. Brookings Institution analyst John Villasenor warned in a Los Angeles Times article last year the opening of U.S. airspace to authorized drones could also pose risks of terrorist attacks using them.
At the time such threat perceptions were met with derision and discounted as hysterical and improbable.
But Villasenor wrote technology capable of producing a backpack-size drone fitted with a camera and a warhead already exists.
This week the debate moved forward with senior U.S. Defense Department aides reported to be holding talks to focus on developing anti-UAV technology, Defense News and C4ISR Journal reported.