Thursday, March 18, 2010

Army unit recruiting ‘innovative thinkers’ | Stars and Stripes

Army unit recruiting ‘innovative thinkers’ Stars and Stripes: "The Asymmetric Warfare Group must have the most arcane motto of any Army unit: 'Normal is the cycle on a washing machine.'
To complicate matters, the motto on the group’s logo is not in English, but in the Blackfoot Indian language.
The motto, 'Otatsiihtaissiiststakio piksi makamo ta psswia,' came from a book about the Vietnam War, in which asymmetric warfare — where one side is far more powerful but the other side compensates with its own deadly tactics — was the norm, just like in Iraq and Afghanistan.
It was translated in honor of an AWG member who was a member of the Blackfoot Nation.
The group, which began its missions in 2004 and was formally stood up as a command two years later, grew out of a task force set up to counter makeshift bombs, and is looking for 'innovative thinkers' to join its ranks."